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The GF Heads-Up, 7/21/2016

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  • Guerrilla Feminist Focus: Brit Schulte – Guerrilla Feminism
    • I’ve been organizing in Chicago for five years, before that I was active in Texas, where I’m from. Currently involved with the SlutWalk Chicago organizing collective & with a radical sex workers support collective called Support Ho(s)e. I’m also working on finishing my MA in Art History, and drafting my first book with my partner.
  • Hunger Makes Me – Hazlitt
    • Women talk ourselves into needing less, because we’re not supposed to want more—or because we know we won’t get more, and we don’t want to feel unsatisfied. We reduce our needs for food, for space, for respect, for help, for love and affection, for being noticed, according to what we think we’re allowed to have. Sometimes we tell ourselves that we can live without it, even that we don’t want it. But it’s not that we don’t want more. It’s that we don’t want to be seen asking for it. And when it comes to romance, women always, always need to ask.
  • Twitter Permanently Suspends Conservative Writer Milo Yiannopoulos – Buzzfeed
    • Twitter has banned one of its most notoriously contentious voices. On Tuesday evening, the microblogging service permanently suspended the account of conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, a day after he incited his followers to bombard Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones with racist and demeaning tweets.


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