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The GF Heads-Up, 7/15/2016

Articles of the week we think you should read!

  • Guerrilla Feminist Focus: Rocky Rivera – Guerrilla Feminism
    • I’m passionate about many things, but social justice is my main focus. Intersectional feminism is the ideology I am most known for, but I also challenge police brutality and anti-black sentiment in the Asian-American community.  That being said, I still have a ways to go when it comes to understanding other issues that oppressed people face and I am constantly learning how to be a better ally.
  • Native American ‘Two Spirit’ Uses Drag to Connect to His Roots – NBC News
    • For George, life as an indigenous person is about the past and the future, preserving a history that was nearly destroyed while inventing the present. He travels between these worlds daily, with the help of Lyzz.
  • Let’s Talk About Disability, Periods, and Alternative Menstrual Products – Crippled Scholar
    • Unfortunately, I am just one person with just one kind of disabled body and so nothing I say will have universal application. This is one of the reasons why we really need more disabled people to share their stories and experiences. If you have a different experience please share it in the comments or write your own blog post about it and share that in the comments.
  • Melissa Harris Perry Joins BET News As a Special Correspondent – Shadow and Act
    • Her first assignment at BET will be co-anchoring the network’s coverage of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions this month, alongside BET News correspondent Marc Lamont Hill. The network will also air a wrap-up special after the GOP convention on Sunday, July 24.
  • In New Comic “Kim & Kim,” Queer Best Friends Bond as Intergalactic Bounty Hunters – Bitch Media
    • From a representation perspective, absolutely I wanted to do a comic about queer women—specifically trans women—because we’re not super represented in comics. I can’t think of too many trans women protagonists in comics. I resolved a long time ago to avoid creating more White Guy, Brown Hair characters, and after Leelah Alcorn’s suicide, I resolved to try and focus on developing trans characters, because if I’m not going to do it, I can’t assume anyone else is, either.
  • Tits and Sass Supports Black Lives Matter – Tits & Sass
    • A list of fundraisers for black sex workers, memorial fundraisers for Black and Latinx people killed by police, and bail funds for Black Lives Matter protesters. 
  • The Dangers Of Dating Faux-Feminist Men – The Establishment
    • He’d used his sex-positive feminist rhetoric to win their trust. He’d gradually razed their self-esteem with small, barbed body-shaming comments. He’d coerced verbal consent from them to perform sexual acts they didn’t want, because feminist doctrine says you need a ‘yes’ or it’s rape. He’d isolated them from their social spheres by telling them he worried about their safety because other men were dangerous. And all the while, he’d gaslit them into thinking this was all normal, by shrouding his every word, his every move, in a veil of feminist theory.

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